There's a fair bit of misinformation flying around here. There's also some fact.

We'd like to hold a MODDING SUMMIT here at The Creative Assembly at the end of July. Maybe we'll hire a venue somewhere. The main thing is we can have these conversations with you ourselves, explain why limitations are in place if they exist, and help if there's any way we can.

If you're a modder yourself and would like to attend, drop me a line at - else please pass this onto someone you know who likes to mod our games.



Вкратце,для незнающих английского:
СА проводят конференцию мододелов в июле,в Англии.Они могут помочь известным мод-мейкерам прибыть на конференцию,но,так же есть шанс того,что конференция будет в онлайн режиме и каждый сможет обсудить свой вопрос с CA.